miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

Wine making experience


Wines are made first in the vineyard.

Satellite imageing of the vineyards, to read the canopy, the heat is giving off, how dry or moist it is, etc.

You can read all the books in the world and use all the latest equipment and data but at the end of the day you learn through experience.

If you get the data from the satellite you can ask different vine growers what to do and probably all of them they will give you different answers. Vine growers and wine makers, we all have all this beautiful tools and new equipments and still we all have to try them through try and error.

I guess the analogy will be to open a cook book and try to cook. You can read a million books about wine making and still every situation is different. It should be and asterix right at every recommendation because there is so many things that will influence the outcome of a wine. The style, temperature, how the grapes come in, soils, the weather of that particular year, its so complex that any turn of the dice can make a difference.

Again is experience, you need to use science to guide yourself, but at the end you need to be a little bite intuitive. There is million tools out here to manipulate wines, colour adds in case you end with light grapes, alcohol removal from inverse osmosis if your wine has too much alcohol, and so many things that people provably don’t want to know, but the rule number one is the more natural you can be the better the wine is going to be.

I learned more in the field and working than in technical courses

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