martes, 30 de junio de 2009

"The Best Sommelier of Rioja 2009"

Achieving the title of "The Golden Nose" at the national level is not an easy task. This is well known for the aspirants that participate at the five qualifying stages throughout Spain.

Only 10 could move to the final of the 52 sommeliers that were competing for the prize, including seven of them from Rioja. And from this group he won the prize for best sommelier of Rioja and therefore "Nariz de Oro", the young sommelier from the Urbina wine shop in Cuzcurrita, Pedro Benito Sáez who beat the best score at the tasting they face.

In this eighteenth edition of "The Golden Nose", the place chosen for this phase was the London Hotel in the capital San Sebastian. They spent the day wine tasting with the only breaks in which they attended several interesting presentations by representatives of the Rias Baixas and Jerez wine appellations among others.

During the first tasting participants were testing a variety of wines from all of the denominations in the country, in which all labels where covered to choose the top 300 that will be published in the magazine that hosts the famous competition, “Vino+Gastronomía” Wine & Cuisine. Four wines from the region have been chosen as finalists and they will be eligible for entry in the list of the Best Wines of Spain.

The final test consisted in tasting six different wines, a Garnacha, a Graciano, a Tempranillo, a blend of 60% Tempranillo with Garnacha, 60% Tempranillo and other graciano mixture and the last three varieties of 60% Tempranillo 20% Garnacha and 20 % Graciano. After tasting the six wines participants left the room and then return to it and found a dark glass on each table and by only using the sense of smell they start describing the variety of the wines previously tasted.

A complicated test that passed our local representative Pedro Benito Sáez who will try to lift the national trophy in the grand final to be held in Madrid. Best Sommelier of Rioja Pedro Benito Sáez will have to sharpen his senses to successfully pass the final test in which the seven highest ranked sommelier of all Spain will have to face six different wines or alcoholic beverages at random, and find out what they are. A challenge for The Best Spanish Nose in 2009.

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