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URBINA Sensory Analysis and Wine Pairing with Food


100% Viura without oak.

This wine has a beautiful clean and shiny yellow straw colour.

Aromas of fresh apple and pear fruit which are very pleasant.

In the mouth it is greatly balanced with proper acidity that conveys a point of coolness and excellent in length.

This wine is very pleasant in the summer season and it accompanies really well with white fish dishes.

Because of its price and quality it is consumed daily by many people at home and restaurants and by many Galician's that love white wines and are settled in La Rioja.

Do to the weather on the vintages of 2006 and 2008 the wine has an elegant and delicate floral aromas with a palate which is very similar to the smoothness of the Albariño wines, on the other hand on 2007 this wine has more fruit aromas and flavours, very structured in the mouth reminding more to the grape variety godello, is a wine that improves with some ageing in the bottle.


100% Tempranillo without barrel.

Has an attractive, pink salmon colour.

There are beautiful aromas of raspberry and apricot fruits on the nose.

There is a soft and slightly sweet taste making the wine very fine.

Matches very well with Spanish tapas, canapés, sandwiches, light meals and snacks since the wine cleanses your palate by removing the taste of previous food and leaving it ready to taste and enjoy the next dish or food.

Until recent year this type of wine was the most consumed for the Rioja people at the shouting of: ¨Please give me a clear one ¨

Urbina Tempranillo (Young wine)

100% Tempranillo without oak.

This wine has a lovely cherry red colour with a nice bright ruby rim.

There are primary aromas of red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, currants and cherries.

There are pleasant fresh fruit flavours with good body and balance. Matches perfectly with white meats like chicken, turkey and pork. It also combines nicely with Italian food and pasta especially with the pomodoro or tomato sauces.

For its price and quality is served at numerous bars and easy going restaurants.


100% Tempranillo and stays a year in 60% American oak barrels and 30% French Allier oak barrels

Has an attractive ruby red colour with some brick tones on the rim.

On the nose we can find red fruits with spicy hints coming form the wood, which gives us vanilla and cinnamon.

His entry into the mouth is very good, its balanced and has a very interesting and peculiar final length.

This wine is like a 4x4 it matches really well with all types of foods, dishes, weather seasons, and times of the day. It is very friendly with meals you can enjoy it with vegetables, soups, white meats, red meats and fishes.

It is a bestseller used daily by the restaurant businesses.


95% Tempranillo and 5% Mazuelo, Garnacha and Graciano. This wine comes from the best grapes from vineyards over 20 years old.

This wine has spent two years in 50% French and 50% American oak barrels and about 7 years in the bottle.

It has an impressive garnet colour with some brick ageing tones on the rim.

Wonderful bouquet of aromas such as spices, eucalyptus, scrub, nail, nuts and all this is over a fruity background.

In the mouth has a very complex taste, pleasant and excellent length. To underline his excellent progress over the time spent on your palate.

This wine can be enjoyed with vegetables in general, stews and especially with lamb meet.

Chefs of restaurants are always arguing how difficult is to match wine with some vegetables such as asparagus and artichokes, all until they discover this wine.

URBINA GRAN RESERVA 1991, 1996, 1994

95% Tempranillo and 5% Mazuelo, Garnacha and Graciano.

This wine comes from the very best grapes from vineyards older than 30 years old, some of them reaching 80 years of life.

The wine stays one year in old barrels an another year in new barrels of French and American oak. Also stays in the bottle gaining in complexity and maturity for approximately 12 years.

This wine shows an extraordinary brick colour coming from its grate qualities and capacities of ageing in the bottle.

It has great complexity on the nose, showing stewed fruits or the aromas of figs, quince and dates.

In the mouth is powerful, tasty, fresh and in turn, has a good balance.

A wine for special occasions.

URBINA SPECIAL 2004 (Raisins, Late harvest)

100% Tempranillo without barrel.

In the vineyard we make a late harvest looking for the grapes to look almost like raisins by drying the grapes on the vine and concentrating aromas and flavours.

The colour of the wine is dark and opaque.

There is a powerful aroma of raisins with hints of black fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, black cherries, and black currants.

The first contact of the wine with the palate creates an explosion of fruit in the inside of your mouth and taste buds, on the other hand this flavours quickly disappear, cleaning your taste buds of previous sensations. This wine is often used at the start of numerous weddings accompanying Spanish tapas, starters, entries and canapes before the main banquet.

It is quite a unique and original wine.

URBINA Reserva Especial 2001

95% Tempranillo and 5% Mazuelo, Garnacha and Graciano.

This wine comes from the best grapes coming from vineyards over 20 years old of age.

The wine spends two years in French oak and American and approximately two years in the bottle.

Has a fantastic, bright colour.

The wine has a medium intense nose, very fine black fruit which is perfectly balance with the oak coming from the barrel.

Very round on the palate, without any edge, the highest expression of harmony and balance.

This wine goes really well with all kinds of meals and times of day. Is a wine that any wine drinker will enjoy no matter his age or wine preferences.

The most famous wine guru in the world Robert Parker give this wine 91 points.

PLOT 2006 (High Expression, Author wine, Design wine, Modern Style)

For this wine only the very best tempranillo grapes are collected, from the best vineyards, picking the best clusters from the best vines when they are perfectly ripen, to be able to pick the fruit at its highest expression. This is what technicians call a high precision viticulture.

The wine spent six months in brand new barrels of French oak coming from the Allier forest. In the barrel we practice the batonnage technique, stirring the lees only when the moon is full or is decreasing.

An intense, bright colour with violet and purple glints on the rim.

On the nose has high intensity, showing aromatic black fruit such as blackberries and blueberries, in addition we also find a clean and straightforward scents of cedar and white pepper very characteristic of the French oak.

On the mouth is powerful, showing a big structure, it is rich and tasty, while the long-emphasizing their fresh and highly fruity aftertaste.

It is a trendy wine to share with modern people and to impress with new ideas and styles.

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