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Matching wine and food

Pairing wine and food

You should drink the wine you like with whatever food you want but you need to understand that the traditional rules are based on centuries of experience.

A good food and wine match is an evenly matched struggle for your palate. The first bite of the food should be delicious. The first sip of the wine should be equally enjoyable and it should replace the taste of the food. With the next bite of food, the flavours are fresh again and it should be as wonderful as the first bite. If the match is good, each bite of food replaces the taste of the wine and each sip of wine replaces the taste of the food. In a poor match, one is so dominant that it is all that is tasted through the meal.

Wine pairing with meet

For very young red wines, cook your beef rarer than you might otherwise. The extra fat and protein will limit the harshness of young tannins.

With well aged red wines, cook the beef more than you normally would. Very rare beef can overwhelm the subtle complexity that are the desirable result of proper aging.


- Try to harmonise the flavours on the palate by using the wine as a contrast rather than a match.

- Use the wine as an ingredient in the overall dish and try to find balance in the a flavours.

- Foods which are high in acidity, need the balancing of a wine which has a concentrated fruit or intensity.

- Foods which have higher sweetness or lots of fat content need the acidity in a wine for a perfect balance.

- Use your common sense and judgment for the balance of food and wine flavours. Bear in mind your own personal tastes.

- Try to find the perfect balance, the perfect harmony of food and wine, it is one of life's great pleasures and privileges.

- You are made of what you eat, eat good, drink better and you'll be find.

Forget the rules

An important rule about matching food and wine is to forget the rules. Forget about shoulds and shouldn'ts. Forget about complicated systems for selecting the right wine to enhance the food on the table. This is not rocket science. It's common sense. Follow your instincts.

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