domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

"The Golden Nose 2010" Competition Begins

This is the nineteenth edition of the ¨The Golden Nose¨ the oldest of Spanish’s sommeliers competitions. This is the contents that brings the most media attention; every year gathers around 500 sommeliers around Spain.

The challenge will be happening in the coming months in the cities of San Sebastian (11 November), Seville (19 January), Madrid (February 17), Valencia (March 9th) and Barcelona (4 May). The contest will qualifying only the best wine tasters in the different regions and areas of the country, the winners of each zone will go to the final challenge in Madrid on 5th and 6th of June 2010.

The semi-finals begins with an activity in which the participants become judges, tasting at high speed around fifty to sixty wines delivered daily by many wineries. Analyzing and evaluating the visual, olfactory and taste characteristics of each wine, but with an added difficulty: All wine bottles are hidden under a cover that prevents receive any information, like bottle shape, label or any external sign that might give clues.

The last test of the semi-finals is to taste six different wines. After the tasting the participants leave the room, when they return they find a dark glass on each table and they have to use only their nose and sense of smell to describe the grape variety or blend of grape varieties of the previous wines.

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